About the Author: Meet Elizabeth Daniel


About the Author

Elizabeth Daniel

Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of  Diary of a Poet by Author Elizabeth Daniel.

From a very young age, Elizabeth knew she was meant to be a writer. Around 8 or so, she started with little poems inside birthday cards. As years went by, poetry became her safe haven in a world full of chaos and beauty. Through written words, she found her voice. A voice according to doctors, she was never supposed to have. Today at 34, she still re- reads those poems from the early days. Now housed on her bookshelf in old binders. She has achieved many goals along the way. While on the newspaper staff, she was awarded a gold and silver medallion in the 2004-05 Kentucky Community and Technical College System newspaper competition.

Upon completing college, she earned an Associates in Arts.  A piece she wrote about her father, entitled, “A Winner Either Way” appeared in Hope Throughout Cancer (published Oct. 10, 2012 Lulu.com). Elizabeth has recently been included in the anthologies Poetic Melodies and Imperfect Paths, both published by Creative Talents Unleashed publishing group. Elizabeth also writes poetry for childhood cancer awareness. She now resides in Windsor, Kentucky with her mother, little brother, nephew and dog.


Preface . . .

This book is twenty plus years in the making. I can honestly say for as long as I can remember, I’ve had a dream of being published. Since back when it was just me, a pencil and paper. I’d sit for hours and write while listening to late night radio. Dreaming of the day I’d see my name in print. Fast forward many years later, I am still just like that young, excited girl who sits for hours writing. I still pen poetry late at night with the radio. It has always been my goal to be honest, raw, and real. As a poet, I am an open book, baring my soul in ink. In life, I’ve had trials and tribulations, but persevered when I had nothing. It is my sincerest hope that upon reading my book, others might gain strength in their own lives. Maybe there is someone reading this who can relate to broken hearts, financial struggles, victories, etc. Enjoy this peek inside a “Diary of a Poet!”

Diary of a Poet

Available December 24th, 2016

Visit Elizabeth’s Author Page To Pre-Order Your Copy Today!



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