Featured Writer: Lyne Beringer

Cardboard Angel

Please go away said the man in the box

When I tapped on the door of his entry

You see, what he didn’t know, as I started to go

Was I’d been searching for nearly a century

I was getting the nerve to step off the curb

Quietly go away

I walked a few feet, just up the street

When I heard the man ask me to stay

So I shared the good news

Told him now he must choose

The path that would guide him from here

I have grown old, a sight to behold

And I’m ready to have me a beer

All those words that I said

Rehearsed in my head

Were that God had never given up hope

Even the days when he lived in a haze

Obsessed with scoring some dope

The man looked in my eyes

Then he started to cry

At last he was willing to hear

He wasn’t alone

I could go home

He had nothing to fear

That is my story

I give God all of the glory

I best get fitted for wings

If you still have you some doubt

Give me a shout

And I’ll return with his word in the spring

© Lyne Beringer

lyne About the Author

I live and write in Fairbanks, a place where in winter, temperatures sometimes hit -60° and darkness is a daily companion for months.  It can and does play tricks on the mind.  Throw in an independent, willful woman with enough relationship blunders and baggage to sink a ship, and presto, words begin to spill all over anything that can be written on. My poetry is all about telling you a story… my story, written in rhyme.  It’s my gift to you, and to the Universe.



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  1. Another beautifully written, easy flowing waterfall of emotion….great job again, Lyne!


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