INSPIRATION CALL: Holiday Photo Writing Challenge


INSPIRATION CALL: Holiday Photo Writing Challenge
Use the photo below as inspiration to write a poem or short story with the theme: HOPE

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    Here’s a great writing challenge – perfect for this time of year.


  2. Seize It

    On the days of the disconsolate,
    singing hymns of mourning,
    clutch to the heart, the one
    flame, tiny ember, last flicker;
    seize it to your breast

    On the days of cynicism,
    eyeing people with skepticism,
    see past the veil of density,
    believe, imagine, recreate;
    seize it to your breast

    On the days of grey skies,
    burrowing within yourself,
    hiding from the apathetic,
    hold on, grasp loves memory,
    seize it to your breast

    Find hope, alive in the
    burning desire for change,
    Hope, be hope, aspiring
    always to tomorrow..

    ©Brenda-Lee Ranta 2016


  3. It’s about knowing Jesus

    Those two in the middle look like a marriage
    And the one on is own in a starlit carriage
    Seen cradling a star above his nodding crown
    Looks an infant in a glowing kaftan gown.

    Those five lit candles of different shapes & sizes
    Could they have a significant meaning?
    The three in the foreground share gifts & spices
    Like three wise Kings come supervening.

    I mean there is something here familiar
    Thou I’ve never visited this Bethlehem town
    There is something here, here like sand scripture
    It’s about knowing Jesus, didn’t die, didn’t drown.

    © Mark Heathcote


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