Author Daryl P. Hall: When I Close My Eyes


When I close my eyes
I drift away,
I hear the waves breaking onto soft sand
Where I could walk with you.
I hear the birds singing sweetly,
As they begin their day,
Midst palm trees
A private concert just for you,
I can hear you breathe
The most natural thing in the world,
The sweetest song I’ve heard –
It is music to my ears.
When I close my eyes
I can feel the breeze brushing my skin,
Caressing it so gently so softly,
As I know you would.
When I close my eyes
I am transported,
I am there with you
Sipping morning coffee.
No words have to be exchanged,
Your company enough
For my breathless soul.

© Daryl P. Hall

Lifelines for the Soul

Excerpt from the book “Lifelines for the Soul”

Daryl HallAbout the Author

Daryl P. Hall was born in 1963 in the historic city of Worcester, United Kingdom. He always had a love for words, especially the written word; as a youngster he devoured books. He started writing poetry and lyrics in his mid-teens, as an expression of his sensitive soul.

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