2017 New Year Writing Prompt

2017-wpAt the end of the year, more often we hear of those ready to say goodbye to the old and hope for better things in the New Year. CTU wants to challenge you to reflect on the past year, the New Year to come, and focus on the positive aspects. Starting tomorrow, our 2017 New Year Writing Prompt begins. We will feature the best poems of the week on our blog, so get creative and be an inspiration to someone else who might need the encouragement to get through the tough times. Talk about your obstacles and how you overcame them. Write about your journey to be a better you.


Here‘s a preview of the prompts to come each week to get you started:


Week 1 (January 2nd-6th)

  • Finish this sentence in a poem: Today I leave behind…
  • Tell us in a poem how you celebrated the New Year
  • Word Prompt Wednesday: IMPROVEMENTS
  • Give us a poem or short story about a fantastic memory from 2016.
  • Write a poem with the theme: The Resolution Game


 Week 2 (January 9th-13th)

  • Finish this sentence in a poem: This year, I hope for…
  • Write a 12-word story about a symbol of change
  • Word Prompt Wednesday: TIME ZONE
  • Write a poem about the things you plan to do different in 2017
  • Describe an event that inspired you to be a better person for the New Year


 Week 3 (January 16th-20th)

  • Finish this sentence in a poem: Regrets are best…
  • In three lines, write about how to achieve prosperity.
  • Word Prompt Wednesday: REVITALIZE
  • What animal characteristics would help you get through this New Year. Tell us in a poem or short story.
  • Give us your version of Father Time in a poem. What would he look like?


 Week 4 (January 23rd-27th)

  • Finish this sentence in a poem: I will find the time to…
  • Write a micro-poem about the future.
  • Word Prompt Wednesday: BITTER ENDS
  • Tell us in a few lines some good things you accomplished last year
  • Write a poem or short story about encouragement


Week 5 (January 30th-31st)

  • Finish this sentence in a poem: Tomorrow will bring…
  • Write a poem or short story about last years’ time capsule


20161107_133412-2Written by: Donna J. Sanders

Donna is a freelance writer and blogger in West Palm Beach, FL. She is the author of Ataraxia, Cardboard Signs, Devour Me and Charcoal Kisses.

Find out more about her here:




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Photo Credit: © Donna J. Sanders / pixabay.com

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