Author Markus Fleishmann: Dance with the Devil

Take my hand and follow me

I’ll take you to the burning sea

Accept the things that cannot be

Ingest the love that flows from me

Take my hand and follow me

Engulfed in fire burn with me

Let go of all that you fear

Ignore the whispers that you hear

Take my hand fly on high

Your heart is the toll

I’ll watch you fall

Shed yourself of self-esteem

You’re a fizzled faded dream

Take my hand and dance with me

Place your trust deep in me

Understand the crippling pain

The emotion of my sadistic game

Give yourself to my insanity

Your love is your obscurity

Open up and you will see

The darkness that dwells inside of me

Taste my lies as I watch you fly

I’ll take you on the devils back

Take my hand and pray you see

I pray I won’t look back at thee

Leave you shattered colored black

Take my hand and follow me

Footsteps fading in the sand

Flirt with darkness and start romancing

Hand in hand with the devil you’re dancing

© Markus Fleischmann


Excerpt from the book “A Tome Of Musings”

markus About the Author

Markus Fleischmann is a free thinker and writer who lives in Pennsylvania. ‘A Tome of Musings’, his first book of poetry, explores the heart of a moral being, love and heartache, joyfulness and sadness. His writing is a collection of thoughts and dreams and beautifully spun into verse and rhyme.

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  1. This is one of my favorites that I’ve written and I had fun with the idea of how we as humans often dance with the devil willingly and more often unknowingly. This piece is about the bad choices we make in our lives knowing the outcome but enjoying the rush, I feel that sometimes it is a good thing to venture into one’s darkness to explore hidden desires. Thank you to those who have read my writings/Book .
    ~Author Markus Fleischmann


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