Spotlight Poet: Corey Cowan












Solstice Fruitcake


Pavlov’s Dog
Schrödinger’s Cat
Poe’s Raven
Babe Ruth’s Bat

Eye of Newt
Knee of Eel
Broca’s Brain
Horse’s Heel

Lazy Day
Hair of Samson
Widow’s Mite

Baby’s Breath
Woman’s Touch
Pride of Man
But not too much

New Moon’s Beam
Crack of Dawn
Bend of River
Spot of Fawn

Ray of Hope
Kernel of Truth
Spot of Tea
Shot of Vermouth.

Fall’s Last Leaf
Spring’s First Blossom
Gramma Hugs
Ounce of Awesome

Ash of Phoenix
Tail of Woe
A Second Glance
Nail of Toe

One White Lie
A Dab of Do Ya
Shadow of Doubt
Blob of Booyah

Ounce of Prevention
Moment of Thyme
Pint of Perfect
Cup of Sublime

Cry of Wind
Wisp of Cloud
A Fairy’s Tooth
For crying out loud

Block of Steam
Dash of Brown
Pinch of Nostril
Tear of Clown

Friendship Ring
Family Tree
Good Samaritan’s

One Fool’s Gold
My Last Scent
New Year Came
Christmas Went


© Corey Cowan

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”


Photo Credit: © Donna J. Sanders

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1 reply

  1. Great flow, witful and poignant,playful yet with a somber undertone.
    I enjoyed the read.
    Thank you and Congrats.


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