Featured Writer: Susan Kahil



Oh ground below please let me go

Up into the atmosphere to fly and flow

Why do my feet stay stuck to your skin?

If I should die you pull be back within

From the comfort of your womb I was sent

To go forwards to the light was your intent

You hold and support this body I borrow

Each step carries me into my tomorrow

As I rest my head you lay me to sleep

Even my tears you absorb as I weep

I cannot break the contact for if I do

Gravity throws me right back to you

Earthbound to sensate around a circle of time

Handed down clock its tintinnabulation your rhyme

Try as I may leaping I cannot take flight

Form me weightless throw my molecules at light

Raise me up from my pedestrian tether

Out into the cosmos forever and ever

For the earth should be my bow, me the arrow to shoot

Freeing me from this entanglement of my mortal earthly root


   ©2017, Susan Kahil

picture-193gg-copy_ppvv About the Author

Susan Kahil singer/songwriter/poet is originally from the UK but has lived in Southern Spain for the past twelve years.  In a secluded mountain valley on her olive, orange and avocado farm.

Surrounded by nature and wildlife is where she gets her inspiration for poetry and original songs. Some of her recent work can be seen in the Poets Anthology ‘Dandelion in a Vase’ and several poems in ‘Raven Cage Ezine’ December issue. Susan likes to look for the beauty and infinite potential in all things. www.facebook.com/susan.kahil

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3 replies

  1. Susan Kahil, has a spirit like no other. I have read many of her poems, all beautiful just as her voice, many of her songs will definitely sooth the soul. Hope to see more from this talented artist!


  2. Lovely poetry, always enthralling, well done


  3. This is so incredibly beautiful …


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