Author Christopher Allen Breidinger: The Old Path


I was walking an old path through the woods near a church.

My mind was wandering past when I tripped upon a birch.

The branch must have fell to the path from up on high,

Waiting patiently for me to come a walking by.

So, as I tripped my way to the natural Earth,

I beheld a vision clear just as my head hit the dirt.

Truth, as a light wave, enveloped my whole being.

Exposed to me forever the lies that make up this whole dream.

So, if I must admit that even one thing is not true,

Then this I will submit as a testament to you.

The cornerstone of belief has long been set in sand.

This is what happens when you put your faith in man.

And even if that man has convinced you he is king.

All of that conviction is still based on a human being.


© Christopher Allen Breidinger


Excerpt from the book “Poet Christopher’s Scenes, Dreams, and Golden Schemes”


About the Author

Christopher Allen Breidinger is an American poet and author currently residing in Winter Haven, Florida with his wife and daughter. This is the third book in the Golden Trilogy Series. Be sure to also check out Scenes, Dreams, and Golden Schemes and Myths, Methods, and Golden Messages.

Thank you for buying my books and for your support of independent authors and publishers like us. It is because of you that we can help others pursue their passions and dreams too!

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