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Deja Vu-Doo


Our reality of Duality

has been relatively revolving,


as all electro-magnetic

matter matters,

vibrating in vapor

held by gravity,

weightless within

the summoning

of a searching sun,

soaring the universe

for unmeasured hours

in a millennium of time;

and although

the sun showered energy,

boon-beaming from its all,

there was nothing

to receive it;

so the incessant journey

continued consuming

the infinite space,

the idle bodies,

until the sated sun’s

chaste-chilled course changed

from spasmodic speeds

and diffused directions,

it began to rest,

staunchly steady;

and for an age,

the sun’s emanating energy

was absorbed

by cycling celestial bodies,

giving breath to time’s womb,

flourishing life

on our gracious Garden;

and in the sky,

between them both,

grew a crescent

and with each revolution,

the crescent grew,

the earth moved,

wistful wakened waters

began to flow.

The uncounted sands stirred,

measuring tides

like the Eternal timekeeper,

tenuously trapped

inside an hourglass

before it infinitely

spills our Spirit

of Cosmic Consciousness

beyond its container

of refracted aged memories,

like jewels patiently polished

by the shifting, sifting sand

that refine the jagged edges

etched within

the palm of our hands,

holding yesterday’s future.


Yet, tomorrow is Forever…

a single thread of memory

woven within

the very chrysalis of our being

that began in the beginning

before some became

just whispers from the past,

where the transience of Time

weaves through Eternity

between the invisible

and visible realms;

their symbiotic synthesis

blends their cycle

of Light and Dark

as a catalyst

for conjuring chemistry

silently suspended

in its own time zone,


Father Time is amused

by its mortal muse

as The Eternal Light


before and after,

the Here

and Hereafter.

With a wave

of frequency flow

opposing eroding resistance,

this ceaseless spell

continues to cause

all to wither and fade,

becoming timeless tiptoes

whisping away tomorrow’s

sleepless summer’s

dawning day,

drifting away

in the mirage of time,

traveling from the past,

traversing the future

in a rocking chair,

a passing pendulum

changing back to forward,

rising up, rolling down,

continuously moving

as we set out to actualize

within our cycled course

while caged by our bodies,

only to return

from whence we came;

and still,

the sun shown its grace

upon the human race

around our spiraled journey,

as though it was new again.

Yet, it was home

for the first time,

as we’ve returned

to remember Forever…


© Justin R. Hart

Response to our Inspiration Call on January 11, 2017



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Photo credit: © pixabay.com / Donna J. Sanders

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