Writer Highlight Featuring: Elizabeth Alford

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Little Tongues


Regrets are best served

on a bed of cold linguine.

Regrets are red, saucy, spicy.

Regrets are the ripe tomatoes we picked,

each containing a vast richness

and fullness of flavor when left to simmer

for a few minutes, hours, days. You see,

the years of disappointments are

the recipe, and we remember regret

every time we taste it.

A spoonful here: the sprout

of youth, putting down roots,

how leaves spring to unfold.

A spoonful there: a pair of green

lovers sunbathing, ripening

red, still growing. A spoonful

in autumn, when we go to harvest

what we’ve learned. And in winter,

we pull out our stored-up regrets

from the back of the freezer,

thaw them out. Heat them

on the stove. Stir them

constantly. Serve them up

over cold linguine.

Go on, eat up, we all say,

regret dripping from our tongues,

our lips, our drooping chins.

It wrinkles our brows,

stretches our clothes, stains

our souls. But, perhaps

even regret has its place

on our plates. It tickles our senses

like a pollinated breeze, memory

after memory rising like steam

from the earth after a night of rain,

or like a tomato vine tied to a stake.

We all need that stake at first.

We all need that taste.

We all need the recipe for regret.

So go on, eat up.

And maybe someday,

try cooking it for yourself.

Spice it up while you can.



© Elizabeth Alford

Response to our Inspiration Call on January 16, 2017




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Photo credit: © pixabay.com / Donna J. Sanders

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  1. Great poem


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