Author Adam Levon Brown: Peaceful Resolutions


Poetry is what my soul craves,

and poetry is the reason for which,

my body was created.

Love and sex are poetry personified,

and so I fulfill my destiny to love and not hate

Give life, not take

Create, not destroy

War was not meant for anyone

and not any one was meant for war

Do not hand your life over to brutes

who use you as a pawn for their

own power hungry ambitions.


Instead, live a life of peace and love

Love fiercely and stress little

Show compassion, not apathy

Supply empathy, not sympathy

I stand in the face of perpetual war

and I do not gouge its eyes out.


Instead I caress it and show it

Understanding and compassion

two wrongs don’t make a right and as MLK said,

Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light.

And as I stand, a peaceful creature

in this war torn landscape that is modern life

I reflect on the wisdom of ancients and modernists alike

Show courage in the face of danger

and courage does not always mean fighting.


Often times it means the reverse . . .

Letting go and living your life

Pacifism, not violence

Understanding, not ignorance.


© Adam Levon Brown

Adam Brown book

Excerpt from the book “Musings of a Madman”


About the Author

Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. His writing will transport you to another space where you won’t want to leave.

Adam Levon Brown burst through the door of contemporary poetry in early 2015 after being diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. He used writing as a tool for catharsis and eventually started submitting his poems to journals and magazines. Now an established poet with dozens of publications, a fiction novella, and two full collections of poetry out, he plans to take the poetry world by storm.

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