Featured Writer: Markus Fleischmann



I meant not to corrupt

Your innocent mind

With my illicit rhyme

But there are verses

In need of a home

Found your innocence

Naked and alone

Feel my thought erection

Make love to your

Soul’s provocative perfection

With my mind’s perversion

Never ending

Your desires I’m deeply


Read my scribe

Feel them linger

Tracing your core

Like moistened fingers

Words dripping sweet

Like a melody sung

Enjoy the delight

I share of my tongue

Sensual and erotic

I open your mind’s chasm

Bring you to a poetic


I meant not to court

Your dreams

I found you nude

On my mind

In a visual scene

Accept this proposal of

My thought’s arousal

Allow me to enter

To kiss your center

Allow me to shed

Whilst your dripping mind

I eagerly spread

Until I’m sedated and you’ve been

Poetically penetrated


©  Markus Fleischmann

markus About the Author

I’m a writer, a poet, a starlit night sky dreamer

Who finds wonders and marvelous adventures in each passing day, each leaf is a poem waiting to be written, each whisper of wind a verse screaming. I’m also a human being, a son, a brother and a lover.

I work a trade job as a general contractor and I enjoy life to the fullest but writing is and always will be the fire that burns inside me, my passion, my calling, my reason of being.



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  1. I wrote this piece to show that the act of intemacy can be perceived in different ways and must not always depict in a physical means for intemacy and sensuality can also be of one’s mind and soul


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