Author Amanda Hoppes: Unresponsive


Engulfed in a world of pain, which I never knew existed.

This spurious heart that beats so rapidly within me

aches and burns.

Magically, my mind and body are back to being twisted

But were they really ever undone?


I try to think back to when I grew cold;

When this rock developed where my heart once was.

Assuming it was after the wall was built, blocking out the path to my soul.

When I began to hate all that I once loved.


The last thing I want to do is make someone

feel the way I do.

Make them feel the sickness in their stomach; the anger that flows through the veins.

So I walk away again, wish I could find a break through.

Nothing though- Nothing to help me

 find my way back again.


I’m walking through a hazy field of abomination; I’m walking through life unresponsive.

My body is just waiting for that vibrant taste of happiness

But I don’t think I’m supposed to ever get there

It’s too late- I opened the door to me and

felt the deadness.


I think that is how I was made,

I need to go.

Guilt, hate, pain, loss, has made me too afraid.

I will continue walking this road on my own.


© Amanda Hoppes

BookCoverImage Amanda

Excerpt from the book “From Midnight To Moonlight”

Me wtih book 3

About the Author

Writing has been my passion since the age of 7… my inspiration to keep going with my writing has always come from my mother. Even though she passed away when I was 18, it is now driven by her memory.

 My name is Amanda Hoppes born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa. My writing is my every step, every move, every breath I take; It’s my vibrant smile, my saddest frown, my every single mistake; It’s my heart on fire, my soul so deep, my mind always free; It’s my life line, my past, present and future, my writing is ME.

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