Author Ken Allen Dronsfield:Of Sky and Blood ~Ode to King Richard III


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Temperance of valor,

greet me with shame

steal away with a sword

from my leather baldric.

Grant me a final wish

before ending my life,

place me upon a throne

with defiant sufferance.

Whilst falling in battle

on a muddy bloody field;

although devout of faith,

whom shall pray for me?

Will your great God above

grant forgiveness for my

sinful murderous contempt?

I am a warrior, not a priest,

tiller of soil; nor a follower

guided along pious paths.

Never forget that haunted

shrill of the battlefield cry.

Proclaim your righteous

virtue, sing your victory

song as sky and blood

drain from my pallid eyes.

As the sounds are muffled

and indistinct, I am suddenly

renewed, feeling a rebirth,

if only in an eternal dream.

© Ken Allan Dronsfield

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