Author Ryan Vallee: Paradox


Paradox of the heart,

A carousel,

A game show wheel

That spins

And when it stops

It tells us who wins.

It’s madness, it’s indecision,

It’s daily,

Do I leave,

Or do I bring you in and invite

Your arms to wrap

Around me?


How can I hate you?


How can I love you?


I suppose it makes sense,

If you combine the two words

It spells itself.


I have you.


© Ryan Vallee


Excerpt from the book “Off The Leash”


About the Author

Ryan Vallee  is a  36 year old husband, and father to three kids. He grew up in Michigan and has lived there all his life. He began writing in the 6th grade, on and off throughout high school and after.  He went on a bit of hiatus until a year ago, when he  picked the pencil back up and hasn’t stopped writing since.

 Visit Ryan’s Author Page At:

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