New Release: Allegories A Thirst for Connection by Brenda-Lee Ranta

allegoriesPreface . . .

The human experience is said to be existential. True connection to self and others can only be experienced when one truly understands the implications of what it is to be disconnected.  As human beings, we have all experienced a loss of self, a loss of life, a loss of love and the loss of friendships; however, there are those who experience profound losses we do not understand while we are busy living our own lives. Oftentimes, we remain oblivious to the inner pain and struggle of others.  To put ourselves in another souls shoes is the challenge in our evolution to universal peace and understanding.

This book is divided into two sections. The Disconnected contains prose and poetry depicting the pain and incongruity of feeling separate from, shunned, broken or misunderstood. The Connected is verse which lends to the celebration of forgiveness, love, acceptance and unity.

My hope is that we will one day love one another in a true spirit of humanity; embracing that which is diverse in each of us.  Let us be as a bouquet of wild flowers, each different, but collectively breathtaking.

I share my verse with you in a spirit of love and peace.

Brenda-Lee Ranta


Allegories A Thirst for Connection – Now Available

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