Author D.B. Hall: By the Sea


Watched indigo waves roll as darkness lifts

Early over the picturesque Charleston harbor

Channeled memories of old wooden skiffs

Powered by anxious strokes of thirsty sailors


On these shores, I smelled all the glorious yellow

I deeply inhaled the wonderful salty Atlantic blue

I bought a seaside shack from a departing fellow

Painted it these vibrant colors to forget about you


The beauty of this charming place will not free me

No matter the amount of spiced rum that fills my port

The grog may sweep me into a dense fog temporarily

But the essence of you is imbedded deep within my fort


So now here in evenings resplendent and fading light

The lady of the sea is the only lady that beckons me

Alone with my thoughts, scratching out another write

Just another heart-broken poet lost out by the sea


© D.B. Hall

Pebbles in the Stream

Excerpt from the book “Pebbles in the Stream”

D.B. Hall

About the Author

David Hall was born in a small town called Mount Airy (A.K.A Mayberry) nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains which are part of the large Appalachian Mountain chain. His early life involved a lot of traveling with his missionary parents, which involved stints of living in Mexico and Bolivia. His poetry reflects a love for nature and life mixed with a sense of the rustic Americana spirit and sprinkled with a lingering sense of the spiritual guidance infused by his southern religious upbringing. David has always been able to live in the moment enjoying it to the fullest while being able to be separated within himself seeking something more. Poetry is one of those outlets that gives him that something more. The diversity of genres and endless array of topics allow him to dive into poetry with reckless abandon or with fine-tuned precision; whichever is needed. Like a prism there are many sides of David, from the emotional connections when dealing with death, to the touch of the spring breeze on your neck hairs, David’s poetry can put you there.

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