Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday


Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: CAPTURE

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  1. Sepia

    Collected images of you,
    sepia faces hide the
    colour of your eyes when
    you laugh, the various
    shades in your hair, the
    vibrancy of your soul…

    Parts of you hidden,
    that which only colour
    can expound upon

    What is captured of you
    is stark, frozen and flat;
    unlike the living you that
    I see daily, alive in my
    mind, in all the glorious
    shades of your being

    I shall send these away
    to the Madame Tussaud
    museum to be honoured

    along side the wax images
    and sepia faces of the
    long dead replicas

    ©Brenda-Lee Ranta


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