Featured Writer: Michael S. Meusch

A Cage of Light

As I sit here in my own state of worrisome affairs. The plane headed towards a familiar destination. The spirit, even in such troubling times, allows one a glimpse of carefree thinking. Form’s of orange, soft, light surrounds my plane. Leaving its golden glow about the clouds and air. I think over his life pondering images of a once, young man and the flesh and bones not yet feeling the struggles of old age, his thoughts looking towards the future, his feet not yet set upon the road to his own fate.

Remembering historical Journeys upon sea and ice which brought about the adventuring and ever wonderment in his children’s eyes. As he sat me on his lap showing my sister and I images of travels beyond our own mental horizon.

Now humble spirit ride upon bright skies and skim golden, creeks and lakes of your childhood.

God, giving him rest in sacred gardens. Nimble, sprite with that gleam in his eye and return of limber form and unshakable hands.No longer caged by afflictions and stammering speech, his voice now free and light doth bring forth amorous joyful song. Now having shed that mortal, frail cocoon, no longer held back by the constraints of this world. His spirit now free and his light that once was a bound cage releases now such a rare and graceful bird. His guided, silvered, feathers stretched out and,  flexed, Poised, preparing for first flight. A guided pathway of light, leading to the stars an infinite heaven.

Let us act now as final as stewards giving heartfelt thanks and bidding joyful farewell. For not, one bit of earth or shallow tomb shall cage our true given divinity that we, ourselves will eventually set our own course upon. That journey beyond a sea of stars…. farewell thou beautiful soft light. The ring of the Brotherhood now removed from your hand, and God’s anointment and blessings weave filigree-like design of ancethus leaves in pure light about your head …The Holy one, clothes you with the promise of forgiveness shedding the burden of sin and want and need.

Sweet spirit watching over your offspring.  Peering upon the world, separated by a thin veil of golden, Amber eeprvesence that divides these two worlds of Heaven and Earth. May God keep you and bring you peace my sweet loving angel. For, this cage has truly released this bird of light, and you’re are free once more. Joined and reunited with those shimmering familiar forms that have journeyed before us.

© Michael S. Meusch, 2017


About the Author

Michael S. Meusch loves writing fictional works and children’s tales. Claims include The Adam Code, The Adventures of Morris and the Hekkapekkasaurus and Priscilla’s Pursuit of the Perfect Purple. His love for the Arts and oil painting drives his passion and unique style of writing. He currently lives and works in the Washington, D.C. area.


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