Featured Writer: Hugh Dysart

Make Me  Worth Saving


Make me human,

with the stroke of a pen.

Make me a memory,

with the wave of a hand.

Make me worth saving.


Canvas prisons, tent pole cities,

December winds, cold with suspicion.

Stench of the frozen living,

purity of the frozen dead.

Death awaits life’s white flag,

in souplines under red crosses.


The dead come and go,

the living stay behind.

Hollow eyes weep empty promises,

into the snot rags of the rich.

Prayers to the west,

make me worth saving.


Mass exodus, penning the innocent,

populations caged on a map.

Leaders proclaim victory,

on the corpse of innocence

On the back of humanity;

the dead come and go.


The ignorance of so many,

to the words of so few.

Satan smiles among the masses,

no one worth saving.

Death acknowledges life’s surrender,

under white flags and red crosses.


Make me human,

with a stroke of your pen.

Make me worth saving.

© Hugh Dysart

hugh About the Author

Hugh Dysart resides in Timmins, Ontario, Canada.  He has spent his entire life as a drummer/musician; playing on the road in his early years.  He has had a long career as a Geo Technologist in the mining field.

 He has always loved to write, primarily as a lyricist, but has taken the art of writing prose quite seriously in recent years. He writes daily as a form of expression, having had a long, albeit very interesting life.  He has very strong political, liberal views, finding art a creative expression of those values.  Hugh’s home is filled with books and musical instruments; a constant inspiration to his various art forms.

 Sharing his life with his life partner/soul mate and their pets.  He is the father of two children, three step children and three grandchildren.  He has an enormous love of family and his children are his greatest pride.

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2 replies

  1. Thanks again for publishing my piece. It never get’s old…. unlike me lol. I am truly touched. Hope everyone likes the piece.


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