Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday


Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: ISOLATED

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  1. Insulation of Isolation

    We push through, muddle through, work through,
    our days; mindlessly, to be rewarded by the refuge
    of our little boxes of sanctity; insulated from the
    chaos we endure, that earns our keep- we drones

    Irony is, the isolation of the little box is a soul-
    craving after a long day, the isolation from mind
    numbing programming, the duties we perform,
    we monkeys on strings; Pavlov’s bell rewards us

    We long for the isolation of the little box, a warm
    beacon of light in our windows, a distant call to
    quiet, comfort, security; balms to our yearnings;
    refuge for our private thoughts – freed at last….

    ©Brenda-Lee Ranta


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