Writer Highlight Featuring: Mark Heathcote


Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

Reflective Thoughts

Are we not in many ways Avatars?
The manifestations of star-foundries
Stars that have surpassed their own, boundaries
Are we not made of light, the light of stars?

And who or what will be ours when we die
What holds us all reflective that we share?
And why should anyone care to despair
There are no rights or wrongs to quantify.

I’d like to ask, can an atom expire—
No, it seems they can’t, they just get reduced.
The smaller bits they’re known as quarks what guile
Cunningness is this I guess we’re, seduced
Into believing the fable of the Phoenix
Why not, when, so few of us grasp physics.

© Mark Heathcote

Response to our Inspiration Call on February 17, 2017

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