Featured Writer: C. J. Spammer


If you could see inside;
See inside my head,
You would hate me.

If you could read my heart;
Hear my thoughts,
Could you save me?

I’m a mess; such an ugly mess
And you are beautiful,
As always

If I could just pluck the weeds
From my brain.

If I could just eliminate
All that makes me insane…

Then maybe I could be happy…
Maybe then I could be okay.

© C. J. Spammer

C.J. SpammerAbout the Author

CJ was born on August 31st 1984. She lives in Cape Town with her husband and their two sons. “I have Bipolar Disorder and ADHD, so growing up was quite challenging at times, although I was only diagnosed when I was sixteen. I have always loved words – singing, reading, writing – so that’s where I found solace. Writing was the perfect outlet for my depression and anger, and I found I was quite good at it.”

Official website: www.cjspammer.wixsite.com/misled-novel

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  1. A brave and beautiful piece…Thank you for sharing yourself..

    Liked by 1 person


  1. Featured Writer: C. J. Spammer | My Inner Voice

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