About the Author: Meet Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.

Nolan HAbout the Author

Nolan P. Holloway Jr.

Nolan has been writing poetry for about six years now and it was something very unexpected. The first wave resulting in over 100 scribes which he shared with online groups, family and friends.  He has also attended spoken word events to recite his work in front of a live audience. Nolan is an accomplished writer who is truly enjoying his written journey.

Nolan’s Books

cover nolanPreface . . .

I enjoy the sun and the warmth it brings. As I continued to write poems a theme emerged. After my first book, “Into My Rotation, a Collection of Scribes” my writing continued. After some time I began thinking about the next project. Light gives me energy and a zest for life. My scribes spoke to me as to who I am. Light exposes all, nothing can be hidden from yourself. Each poem I scribed illuminated a part of me. Therefore light became the theme to join all the poetry together. So simply put, this book is an expression of who I see myself as and the man I continue to grow into even at this stage of my life.

Now Available $13.95 plus shipping

Life Between the Words

Foreword . . .

In his third book, Nolan P. Holloway Jr. struggles with and overcomes the human condition. His verse is filled with hope and determination and instills these qualities into the reader. Holloway Jr. faces adversity while overcoming his own slew of personal demons. His poems are both poignant and uplifting at the same time, as he inspires the reader to keep faith and keep moving forward. Holloway Jr. deals with loss and within this book, he pays tribute to his lost loved ones.

A recurring theme in this book is the moral and philosophical, “Duality” that all of humanity faces. A person of faith, Holloway Jr. traverses the empty streets of pain to find some clarity. This book is about a person of faith overcoming the harshness of reality and stepping through doorways that only love can truly open. “Life Between the Words” sets Holloway Jr. as a philosopher of the human spirit. Holloway Jr. presents a signpost to lost travelers on their way through the trails of life.

  • Adam Levon Brown, Poet, Author, Editor-In-Chief – Madness Muse Press

Now Available $11.95 plus shipping

“Yesterday’s dreams are tomorrow’s visions” -Nolan P Holloway. Jr.

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