Inspiration Call: Tell His Story


Inspiration Call: Write a Poem or Short Story that tells this persons Story.

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  1. A life in a face

    He never turned sour; never allowed himself to become angry or jaded.
    He walked away from the fight; just kept walking till he ran out of sidewalk;
    spent thirty years living at the end of the yellow brick road, where grass began.
    Made his life in the thickets, periodically changing his cardboard roof top when
    the rains soaked through, good cardboard was hard to come by these days.

    He would wander up the sidewalk, when his scraps of food dwindled, or after
    he had been robbed by his fellow forest sleepers, his job was to hunt out food
    the restaurants had discarded at the end of the day, hoarding it all in a cart
    he pushed for miles. He stopped to rest on the same bank steps, to watch the
    earth people scurrying past him, in their fine suits and brief cases in tow.

    He liked to watch as the pretty girls walked away, their heels click, clicking
    with each step, like a mariachi band playing, their hips swaying back and forth.
    He held his leather worn face in his hands, watching them, entranced; as he tried
    to recall the scent a woman left on his skin, when he had loved them, long ago;
    but that was then, in another time.

    He stood meandering down the yellow brick road, back to his cardboard home.

    ©Brenda-Lee Ranta


  2. Aftermath

    Looking at his beloved country
    With sorrow in his eyes
    The once blue firmament
    Has turned into grey skies.

    Smoke still lingering around
    The war aftermath
    All his possessions
    Destroyed by enemies wrath.

    Staring at the rubble
    Where once stood a house
    That was filled with laughter
    Children and spouse.

    Dreams and future plans
    Lies shattered
    His sanity and humanity
    Has been battered.

    He has lost everything
    That once was dear
    His eyes still drowning
    In uncertainty and fear.

    © 2017 Bevan Boggenpoel


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