Spotlight Poet: Nidhi Popli



Do you ever wonder why people write ?

It is only
when you have found a purpose,
or discovered love,
or have lost it,
or understood the reason why you exist,
that the voices
which have tormented you for so long,
get transformed into poems.
Don’t disregard these voices.
They have always
been purposeful whispers,
nudging you to bring forth
all that you’ve gone through,
to provide succour to some lost soul
floundering in the darkness
and clueless about their journey.

Perhaps, your words will guide them
on their way,
or perhaps, they won’t…
But do not stop the words gushing forth,
do not dam their flow.
There’s a reason
why things happen as they do.
Do not question it,
or doubt it.
Give in to that instinct
and let your pen bleed on paper,
and bring forth all of that
which can no longer remain shackled
in the confines of your heart.

© Nidhi Popli

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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