Featured Writer: Matthew Mitchell

String Theory

Here I go, here I go, shooting for the stars,
I’m higher then I think I am, I’ll beat them all to Mars,
erect a couple pyramids for star-child eyes afar,
go where no man’s gone before untouched by Murphy’s law,
I’ve saw what needs be seen unseen before, a ripple in the fabric,
statically harmonized messages correspond in a quantum like habit,
I’m not mathematically inclined but I spin words with grammatical magic,
you could hear if you but listened and flowed away from humanity’s static,
tragic… Smh I think your in need of a hug, things never live up to our hopes and presumptions but why care about dwelling on what was,
what you can’t change can become binding chains, constricting your spiritual blood,
why be unhappy when you can be happy for no other reason just because,
To dust…descended from a stars supernova of life,
it’s a beautiful thing Richard Parker so complex but easy as pi,
ride your own gravitational wave like a boss let no dark matter bother your time,
let’s drift away to the furthest of reaches beyond what could easily reach us by light.

© Matthew Mitchell


About the Author

I have seen the bottom and I’ve rested at the top. I’ve endured a lot of hardship and I’ve encompassed a lot of light. I’m trying to go to school to be a therapist so I can help people. I have 6 children and I’m trying to leave behind a legacy that will endure the tests of time. I want to be able to inspire hope in a world devoid of it. My name is Matthew and I would like to share my stories.

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