Writer Highlight Featuring: C.J. Spammer


The lake beckons,
as she stares, transfixed,
into it’s murky depths.
She can almost feel it’s coolness;
it’s silky embrace.
She tentatively dips one foot into the water,
testing the temperature.
It’s colder than she imagined,
in contrast to the humid night air.
The water calls to her desperate soul.
She knows what she has to do.
Glancing back at the house,
she silently bids farewell
to it’s sleeping occupants.
Taking a breath,
she dives in, gracefully.
Submerging herself
in the icy water
she slowly lets the air out of her lungs.
She watches the bubbles
rise up, racing to the surface,
desperate to escape.
She resists the urge to follow them.
Instead, she parts her lips
and allows the freezing liquid to flow
into her open mouth…
For the first time in her life
she feels truly free.

© C.J. Spammer

Response to our Inspiration Call on April 11, 2017

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