Writer Highlight Featuring: D.B. Hall


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Valley of the Fallen

Once upon a time
in a magical land of rising chaos
and falling millennial dynasties
the cloud-falls descended to kiss the land
with a waterfall roar
that echoed mightily in the theater
of the Valley of the Fallen.

Desperate heirs to paper thrones
atop skyscraper kingdoms
segmented by indigestion of greed
and backstabbing
plotted their devious attacks
to plunder the Valley of the Fallen
as they waited
for their frail
fathers to gasp their final breath
and leave their skeletal bodies
that gave up long ago
trying to fill out their wrinkled skin.

This crucial historical Valley
where the Defenders from Portae Wars,
Heroes of Sky Castle Prism from the Dragon Wars
and the Valiants from The Breaking
all lay in treasure filled crypts.

When the time of The Breaking
was coming to end
aged wizards
understanding the value
of preserving
the most powerful magical artifacts
and ancient books of spells, bindings
and learning’s of mischievous curiosities;
so among the many treasured crypts
in the Valley of the Fallen
are the crypts of power
the heirs truly seek.

Power, glorious power untold
unfathomable magical powers
needed in order to restore
unite their fragmented and ailing kingdoms
and eventually
become more powerful than their forefathers
this is the greedy lust that drives them
to dare…

To dare bring their pitiful armies
and witches to challenge The Keeper
a giant scarecrow
monstrous in size
created from the ancient magic rites
few wizards have known
ever achieved the level of wisdom
to wield the power
needed to contain it
constructes from at least one bone
from every dead warrior
in order to capture
an essence of that warrior’s spirit
embrued with all their powers
this quintessential enternal guardian
is magically linked to guard this valley
and all it contains.

The Keeper is devoid of emotions
no mercy can be shown
has no gender
seduction is not an option
needs no sleeps
to always be vigilant
designed with no eyelids
in order to be ever watchful
who communicates with the animals of the earth
and the fowls of the air
to whom even Mother Earth whispers it’s secrets.


it is has been foretold
of a young child
with an angelic purity
innocence of action
and powers as yet unforeseen
on these lands
who will walk into this Valley of the Fallen
roam among the rolling hills
touching the crypts
talking all the old warriors alive
as The Keeper walks beside him
talking in the old tongue
it is said they will council
at the foot of the cloud-falls
amid the echoing waterfalls
while the birds feed the bonfire
wolves bring them sustenance
the wild boars and stags will guard the valley
and they will decide the fate of the world.

With parchments in hand
I will dip one of my raven quills
into a potion of self-made berry ink
and try to preserve these curiosities
if nothing else
maybe these records will survive.


© D.B. Hall

Response to our Inspiration Call on April 14, 2017

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