Mother’s Day – Author A.M. Torres


Mother, please don’t cry
Today it’s Mother’s Day,
Today we honor you
But, I hear what you say.
You thank me, as you cry,
I don’t understand;
You missed me all year long;
I’ll see you when I can.
How often I said that

And, I meant every word
But time had slipped away
I barely even called.
Today on Mother’s Day,
I made sure to come
Though it’s for one day;
Let’s just make it fun.
Mother, I didn’t think
I kept this day in mind,
For a special day
A visit can be kind.
Yes it’s very nice,

You appreciate the thought,
But a visit for one day;
Is simply not enough.

© A.M. Torres


Excerpt from the book “Turmoil”

14915347_10210758577789019_4066485259844464385_n About the Author

Ana M. Torres also known as A.M. Torres is the author of the book Turmoil, and a few other publications. She was born in New York City, and is the third youngest of seven children. She grew up in Brooklyn, but currently lives in Staten Island with Walter Lewis, and is also the mother of two boys, Jason and Kristofer. She has participated in a few poetry anthologies, and in two poetry marathons.

Visit Ana’s Author Page At:

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