Featured Writer: David Ratcliffe

Hogging the Blanket

She removes her clothing,

cradles the naked girl

shielding her from the cold winds bite,

offering love of a different kind.

Knowing critics enter an open window,

indifferent to those observing

selfless intent, through dignified silence.

Those detractors that would

shake a pretty flower

into an ugly stem

to place on public display.

The gutless bastards that would

weave an itchy blanket

from the fibers of an ill-spun yarn

to throw over innocence.

She knows they come,

yet gladly hogs the blanket,

offering the damsel a fresh robe,

before standing bare to those

that see beyond the fabric.

© David Ratcliffe

David About the Author

David Ratcliffe hails from the north of England. He writes poetry, short stories, song lyrics  & Stage plays. One of his plays ‘Intervention’ is currently with a theater company in London. He is also a keen painter in both watercolour and oils.

Visit David on Facebook at:  www.facebook.com/dave.ratcliffe3

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