Help Lady – Author Brenda-Lee Ranta


Borrowed family, broken boy


Mr. Jinx tucked under his arm

the ‘help lady’ stands with him;

he squints at the pretend Mom

and Dad; the borrowed family


she smiles too wide, speaks too

slowly, like he was a deaf boy;

he pats his shoulder, like a buddy,

but he’s just some weird, tall man


‘help lady’ tells him it’s going to

be fine, he will like it here, he is

safe; squeezing Mr. Jinx tighter,

there is no such thing as safe


the house smells funny; not bad,

but not like home, it smells like

soap, like flowers, something

sweet, his throat tickles a bit


he thinks it is the middle of

the night, he feels sleepy, has

a sore stomach, when they take

him to a bed with fluffy pillows


Borrowed family, broken boy


‘help lady’ leaves a bag in the

corner, it’s his clothes; he saw

her pack it in his real bedroom,

‘help lady’ smiles, waving ‘bye’


he lays in the dark, doesn’t move

under the covers, trying to keep his

eyes closed but they won’t stay shut;

while the tears leak into his ears


he misses his mom, he misses his

dad; not their mad faces, but their

happy faces, like when he blew

out his birthday candles that day


they didn’t make happy faces much,

so he must be a very good boy so

they will take him home; he will wait

for the ‘help lady’ to come and get him


he lays in his make believe room, in

the borrowed family’s house, knowing

the pretend Mom and Dad are across

the hall; while tears leak into his ears


Borrowed family, broken boy


© Brenda-Lee Ranta


Excerpt from the book “Allegories”

brenda-lee About the Author

Brenda-Lee Ranta resides in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. She shares her journey with her life partner who is a drummer, lyricist and emerging poet. She is the mother of three children, two step-children and three grand-children. She prefers to be less ambiguous in her writing and more direct, while maintaining a lyrical flow in her verse. She holds strong political views, believing in equanimity for all humankind. These views also find their way into her choice of subject matter when writing. She is very sensitive to the emotions and plight of those around her. A writer for over 51 years of her life, she was first included as a contributor to an Anthology, titled, Imperfect Paths,” published by Creative Talents Unleashed Publishing Group. She had a lifelong dream full-filled when her first book Myriad of Perceptions was published by CTU Publishing Group in November of 2016.  It attained a five star rating from ‘Readers Favorite,’ which was quite humbling, being her first book. Allegories – A Thirst for Connection is her second book of prose and poetry.  She is very honoured to share these new writings with her readers.

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