Spotlight Poet – Amrita Valan

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Photo Credit: Donna J. Sanders

Death Upon Me


If I die let it be in love
I am not afraid to part
I know how hard this life can be
And Death dwells in peace,
in my heart.

As an unknown constant
That numbers our days and nights
I fear not that I shall
Miss this sordid life.

I am only afraid
That the starry skies
Will forevermore depart
And that I truly dread.

I am only afraid that
I will nevermore remember
Those so dear to my heart.

Death is a kinsman, my closet friend
To whom I escape time and time again
My anguish express my anger shed
So that I can live in Love’s Amen.

For life is love and hatred death
Death can’t rob me, of much else
Yet my heart yearns once more to choose
Another sunrise and sunset’s hues.

Life suffocates me with sufferings
Death is a daydream yearning
But my Home is Love
And as below
I pray you Death, be it
So above
Give me another chance to be
Human in sweet Mortality
Caged mystic anatomy.

Or let me live an unknowing bird
Time and again
On fruit bearing tree
My life a song offering
As the beloved sons and daughters
Of Adam and Eve
Soul search in vain for meanings.

The only meaningful life
Is love
True my friends
Be it upon my blood
Or sworn upon my beating heart.
And even that will burn out
On the pyre of Burning Ghats
Sending soft sooty smoke phalanges
Above the Holy waters of
My would be Ganges.


©  Amrita Valan 2017

Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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