Featured Writer – T. Michael

Mahogany Satin

Sterotypes are dangerous creatures
Which I disbelieve on sight
I do not see society as one
Cold thing, but as
A collection of unique
I trust my experience
And find along the way
That stereotypes
Are not to be trusted
But . . .
A few of these stealth beasts have
Crossed the line of Proof, and
Have rested in my heart
Under a warm blanket
Of evidence:
The darker berries do have
The sweetest juices, and finding
That succulent warm center is so
Once you go black
You never ever want
To go back
Because in ebony forests
Hide the brightest lights
And the warmest embraces
Don’t misunderstand me
Lighter structures are creations
Of God, and respect is due
But we must follow our bliss
And the Bliss that calls to
Me is behind midnight eyes
Darker thighs
And café au lait, cocoa, coffee
And sweet chocolate skin
Such miracles
Are not intimidated by Life
And do not suppress their fires
Passion is stoked without pause
In these natural furnaces
That cause me to yearn
The bad news is: When they fight
You best bring your armor
The good news is: Everything! Especially
When it is time for that Passion
To turn and surround your body
With heat and emotion
You never have to wonder what is
On your lady’s mind
When every thought is in her eyes
And on her tongue
If you are wrong
You will be informed
But if you are right
You will never be denied
And if you are really right
You will be allowed into Heaven
Where your name is cried out
Your fantasies are reborn
And lovely sweat beads out upon
God’s finest mahogany satin
No feline ever purred as the
Music you hear coming from
Satisfied sisters
And these songs
I refuse to walk away from
I never looked so good or felt
So fine
As when deep and bright hips
And thighs intertwine
When interracial gels combine
And I am kissing those tender black lips . . .
All six . . .
Creating an array of color, forming
A singular sensual perfection
It’s safe to say that my prize
Can only be won
By richer tones
And bolder, barer hearts.
©  T. Michael

b About the Author

T. Michael started writing poetry at the age of 15, and 36 years later, has well over 350 poems in his collection.  He has published two volumes of poetry, An Angel Chained (2000) and Colors … in Black and White (2012), and has just released a CD of his adult spoken word pieces.

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  1. A beautifully crafted, sensual piece!! 🙂


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