Redress – Author Christa Frazee


Purple heart in agonized amethyst~

Throbbing theatrics and a tongue undone…


Hooded cape of bloodied, bold scarlet~

Shielding a pale face of tears from the sun…


Muddied black boots and a dragging lace hem~

Stomping towards the beckoning battlefield…


The melancholy Maiden returns, to spite them,

Wielding her sharpened sword and painted shield…


Rich theatrics of the storming, old soul~

Full of pained vengeance, once peaceful sweetness…


She insists upon this tragic throne of retribution~

For the fairy-tale turned morbid, through carelessness.


© Christa Frazee

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Who are you? Are you a brave knight? A warrior brandishing your sword, ready for battle. Are you a dreamer? Away with the fairies, losing count of fireflies whilst searching for Neverland. A goth? Who feels right at home with the monsters hiding under the bed, who loves to dance a dervish with the devil on the stroke of midnight. Or perhaps you are a dragon-slayer? Or a soul snatcher? Basking in the heat of an eternal flame. Or maybe you’re a witch? Hiding deep in the woods, practicing dark arts beneath the light of a full moon.

L.J. Diaz, Author of Catching Snowflakes

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100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Please support a writer today!


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