Featured Writer: Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.

Life Between the Words

The story of you is being told

Woven in the fabric of words, your own and others

Forming the garments of life you wear

Life is the garments that we see

The style and quality reflecting the personality

Words, the material that joins everything together

Contemporary and classic

A choice to decide what will be the outfit for this day

Corporate or jeans, flashy or conservative?

Your own style or that of others

Copying the popular and lost in the manipulation

You say you are unique

But the life between the words conveys something different

The lining is tattered and worn

You keep it wrapped up so no one can see

Some of us have a seamstress eye to be able to discern

the false image to be portrayed

These coverings when you ponder are only temporary

They cover but will rot away when you are no more

The way to wear the life and words as true as you can

Revealing who you really are

so there is quality throughout whatever the outfit that is presented

Life and words are needed to protect from the elements

To keep warm in the winter and shed with the summer heat

How to live and what words to use

Elite-Elegant life and words that need to be looked up

Rancid-Secular and language that is offensive to the ears

Common-no risk and quiet, so as not to be noticed

For me, I would like for my life and words to be remembered

Worn by others to understand the style and statement I wanted to make

But the style is your own to create-so take the time to put on what you choose to wear so it can be a joy to look at and be in

© Nolan P. Holloway Jr.

Bio Pic About the Author

Born in the Bronx, raised in Queens.  Relocated to Atlanta working for MTV Networks.  Fast forward twenty plus years and now I am a published author of poetry.  My poetry has been featured on various poetry sites.  Have had my work with a number of anthologies that was shared globally.  Part of a wonderful group of poets and writers with Creative Talents Unleashed.  As a man of faith, blessings come from many places.  I have worked on being able to appreciate the daily and small things and be grateful.  This gift to be able to have people respond to my words, humbles me.  Working with Raja on my third book, second one with Creative Talents Unleashed and continuing to push to that perfect verse.

Visit Nolan’s Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/nolan-p.-holloway–jr..html

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