Inspiration Call: – Unsent Letters


Inspiration Call: – Unsent Letters – The purpose of the unsent letter is to discover what impetus motivated it – which you may not know at the beginning – and decide what you need to do next, having discovered the impetus. You may, for example, need to change some aspect of your active life. You may decide to use the unsent letter as the basis for a letter that you do send. You may discover unsent letters are excellent ways to finish business with people and events that are no longer a part of your life.

Write an unsent letter – You don’t need to know everything you’re going to say. Allow the letter to ramble and develop in your usual style.

Tip from: Life’s Companion Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest. Author Christina Baldwin

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  1. Dear Blocked,

    “I can never make you happy,”
    Not sure whether it was drops of rain,
    or tears that slid down my cheeks,
    Looking up with eyes so heavy,
    Sleepless nights and moonlight,
    Led us to that exact point on the front porch,
    Surrounded by awkward regret,
    Did you know I had a million reasons to make you stay,
    running through my head?
    My mouth opened….and the only thing that came out?
    “Yes you can, you do!”
    Looking down with eyes so heavy,
    You knew,
    I knew,
    We knew,
    It wasn’t true,
    So in the same fashion as Judas sealed his fate,
    You planted on my forehead,
    The kiss of death,
    And with that,
    We entered the, “blocked” zone.

    Just a Memory


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