Falling Into The Storm – Author Joanna Maharis


The rawness of emotion

crawls into the heart

like a serpent.

He slithers his way

to the very core of

my existence.

For to shield the dove

from the mountain lion

is like trying to tame

the wildness in the pulse

of thunder.

How can the rain stop

falling in the storm

of my soul when the

stars in the sky continue

to burn up the heavens

with their light?

For the ambiance

of fallow dreams

shall immerse silky

tears with resilience

bringing forth literacy

in the library of life.

It is an addiction boiling

within the very cove

enabling man to climb


The bloodbath begins

in the game of chess

when the king falls

into the arms of treachery.

Unfolding in the list

are the unfolded burdens

needing to be ironed out.

Remiss all accounts of foul

deeds, but re-frame the taking

of the cover in the hopes to

bring forth rebirth at its highest

level of mercy when the truth

burns up the masquerade.

Leading the language of heaven

through the storm is the fire

burning in my heart;

yet, parked outside of the gates

of misery is the fallen soldier

whose song continues to

march on in the desert.


© Joanna Maharis

Behind The Eyes Of Paradise Cover

Excerpt from the book “Behind The Eyes Of Paradise”


About the Author

Throughout the years, Ms. Maharis has done plenty of writing.  It is her greatest joy.  Writing enables her to explore worlds through the written and spoken word.  She enjoys being creator of lives which would have never existed without the power of her imagination.  Aside from being a writer, blogger, and published author, she is co-caregiver for her elderly grandmother.  When she isn’t writing, she likes to workout at the gym, cook with her aunt and grandmother, and delve into a good book.  Every book she reads sparks her curiosity.  Her own published works consists of Dominica’s Inferno (a novel), Japlin And Japlin (a novella), Peering Through A Streaked Window (a collective work of poetry), and four ebooks.

Visit Author Page At: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/joanna-maharis.html

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