Writer Highlight Featuring: Deborah Thompson


Photo Credit: Pixabay.com


A messy process
For a husband and wife
Much much worse for a Mom and Dad
Children become the bait of choice
And it never ends

Extramarital affairs
No sex
The inability to bare children
All contribute to divorce
And eventually
Who gives a care

All love is lost
Feelings gone
Buyers remorse sets in
Two people struggling now
To put their lives in perspective
Their relationship dwindles
Arguments ensue
Fighting words
Out doing the other
Hurtful words and actions take over
Even hate
Fading out of love
Mundane life
Bored with each other
Working overtime
Just so you don’t have to go home

It’s the end
The finality
Giving up
Finally realizing
It’s not working anymore
Fallout begins
Remorsefulness starts
All the “What ifs” begin
All hope now lost

The beginning of the end
It’s a brand new start
Working through the pain of yesterday
It’s time now to go forth
The comparisons now start
You try a new approach
Yet usually in the end
It ends up being
The right thing to do
Rather then staying for all the wrong reasons
Time to let go
To start living a new life

© Deborah Thompson

Response to our Inspiration Call on May 18, 2017

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