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We are but immortals conditioned to think we are mere mortals, this flesh and bone space suit is not the absolute essence of our very being, for this conscious earth of rock we are floating on through space is the place to learn what is the essence of truly seeing, you as a soul needs feeding, self-believing is the start.

If we are not our thoughts, then tell me who is the observer of such a belief system, who controls such wisdom? Energy never dissipates, it transcends to an elevated state, can you relate? Self is the debate, reverberate and differentiate to demonstrate.

Frequencies upon this third density are emitted to disrupt your natural presence, its obsolescence, distorting your essence since adolescence.

© Urban Truth


Excerpt from the book “Urban Gnosticism”

14292473_10209176889916510_7299800471587872693_n About the Author

As a writer this is the part of his book of doctrines he was not looking for-word to, to talk of self…ironically! His life was manifested In Manchester England, within a sub-area called Moss Side on an estate named Gooch Close. A place later to be plagued with gang violence, drugs, and urban poverty. He was born into a mixed heritage family. Mother being Irish. Absent Father being of dual heritage, African and English, this is why he uses the terminology “hybrid”. A hybrid is what they made, a hybrid of heritage, a hybrid of mind, body, and soul.

Visit Urban Truth’s Author Page At www.ctupublishinggroup.com/urban-truth.html

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