Poet of the Month: Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.

Poet of the month pic NolanJune  2017 Poet of the Month

Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.


Born in the Bronx, raised in Queens. Relocated to Atlanta working for MTV Networks. Fast forward seventeen years and now I am a published author of poetry. My poetry has been featured on various poetry sites. Have had my work with a number of anthologies that was shared globally.  Part of a wonderful group of poets and writers with Creative Talents Unleashed.  As a man of faith, blessings come from many places.  I have worked on being able to appreciate the daily and small things and be grateful.  This gift to be able to have people respond to my words humbles me. Working with Raja on my third book, the second one with Creative Talents Unleashed and continuing to push to that perfect verse.

Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.

Get To Know Nolan


Why is poetry important?

This genre is the voice of the people.  If you read the poetry of any time period you will have a good idea of what life was like and what was important.  The perspective of the writer, their cultural background age, sex, and color gives a profound myriad of feelings and emotions.  It speaks to the truth, but you have to dig for it.


What prompted you to begin writing poetry?


It was simply me wanted to let someone I was dated know how I felt about them.  The piece was on the spur of the moment and it was well received.  After we broke up, the poems begin pouring out of me.  When it stopped, I have over 200 written scribes.


How does a poem begin for you, with an idea, a form or an image?


For me, it has happened with all three.  Sometimes I will think a poem in my head and write it down.  I have dreamt in poetry and hoped that it would stay with me when I woke up.  When it did, lovely words happened.  I am visual, besides being a male (LOL) and when I see things it evoked images which I use to bring the words together.

What conditions help you with our writing process?


It seems when I am at work and there is chaos going on I can focus and write.  When there is quiet, I tend to have a more difficult time.  Is seems that the opposite should happen, but not for me. I take a break let the words vibe, then go back to work.  It just feels natural.


Where do you write?


Mostly at work on my breaks and in the middle of working.  I am not on the phone a lot so as I am analyzing data I can squeeze some writing in.  And since work is busy with the office noise, It gives the fuel I need to write.

What is the relationship between your speaking voice and your written voice?


Don’t want to brag but I have told by some ladies that I have “sexy” speaking voice.  So when I recite my poetry I can see the reactions I get.  My written voice tends to be deeply philosophical.  But I still read it with a “sexy” voice….LOL.

What makes a good poem?


For me it is how the words are used and the flow in reading it.  How one lines transposing into the next without being forced or choppy.  Does the piece fit with the title?  Even if it is abstract, I should see the connection.  And as I am reading I will get a vibe whether I am or not feeling the scribe.  I allow to the poem to drive my instincts and that tells whether it is a good poem for me.

Nolan’s Favorite Poem


The Anatomy of Thankfulness

In a circle, it flows

From within, outward to destinations

known and unknown

To return at a time unexpected

Therein lies the beauty of this body

which comes from each of us

Intentions drive this vehicle

A taxi to pick up and drop off passengers

thru the years

Faces vaguely familiar come and go

Goodness wells up and overflows

Caressing the face of forgiveness

Hate and ignorance speak vileness and

spew its poison darts of wickedness

But it quickly dissolved in wave of thankfulness

from distant shores

A shield to be taken into battle-hard as steel

but as soft as the look of love in the brightness of the day

Taken apart it stays together-freely dispersed

Never understanding how it is to return but it really

doesn’t matter

For the unity of this emotion transcends beyond death

to infinite planes to where our souls reside

© Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.

Life Between the Words                                 cover nolan

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Bio PicAbout the Author

Nolan has been writing poetry for about six years now and it was something very unexpected. The first wave resulting in over 100 scribes which he shared with online groups, family, and friends. He has also attended spoken word events to recite his work in front of a live audience. Nolan is an accomplished writer who is truly enjoying his written journey.

Visit Author Page At: ww.ctupublishinggroup.com/nolan-p.-holloway–jr..html

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