Featured Writer: Jackie Chou



In this pink skied
wide mouthed dawn
I read my messages


The literality of your words
the moment they pass my mind
turning into little swords


Their edges–lines, circles, and curves
jump out of the screen
like jagged toothed monsters
mocking my sorrow


I sit there and stare
they are your usual, superficial
yet like Justin Bieber
I ask, “What do you mean?”
examining every letter


What could have gone wrong?


Ah, it is my heart
finally broken
and your words
stab it some more
leaving behind the fallen pieces
never to be picked up
and glued together


© Jackie Chou

IMG_0251 About the Author

Jackie Chou studied Creative Writing at USC.  She attends writing workshops and has been published in Altadena Poetry Review, Lummox, Poetry Superhighway, amomancies magazine, Culture Cult magazine, Dryland, Angel City Review, Silver Birch Press, and others.  She was named one of Top Ten San Gabriel Valley Poets in 2016 by Spectrum publications. 

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