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About the Author


Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the upcoming release of Serenading Flowers by Author Jaz.

Jaz is an actress, ASCAP member-songwriter, published poet, model and singer from Philly, PA. Jaz is pursuing her BA in Theater Studies at Temple University. She is a member of Temple’s Golden Key International Honour Society and on the Dean’s List. Jaz was also just awarded as a 2017 honoree of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

She has performed at multiple venues throughout Philly, Jersey & NY. Jaz is the author of two chapbooks “The Carving Out Of A Butterfly’s Wings Part I & II”. Her poetry has been widely published 30 times over in the local, international & worldwide literary market. Her poetry has appeared in numerous publications including Struggle, APIARY, Literary House Review and WestWard Quarterly. She has publications in five poetry anthologies and in two collegiate literary magazines. Jaz’s poetry has also been featured on internet and public radio. Her most recent publication is in UPenn’s online lit mag PennFlux. Mankind’s storms and rainbows inspire her life and writing. She loves that poetry is a classroom and that she gets to be its lifelong student. Some of Jaz’s other passions are karaoke, hugging trees and watching the Animal Planet Channel!

Serendaing Flowers

Preface . . .

Throughout my life and career as a writer, I’ve always used my poetry to encourage and uplift humanity. This book of poetry does just that for the reader. I write for friends, family, strangers and all living things including plants, animals and Mother Earth. Writers can also be moved by inanimate objects such as guitars and tables. It’s really about what speaks life to a writer and affirms the truth that everything and anything can be a poem. In this world we are barraged with pain, loneliness, sadness & fear. Even though this is real life there must be space for joy. We can’t forget about love, laughter, art, imagination and magic. We can’t forget about our humanity. My pen is moved to cull light from rainstorms and remind us that life is worth living and we are all worth wholeness. I truly and deeply believe we’re all here on this earth to take care of one another and gain a bit of understanding that stretches the capacity of our hearts to empathize and love at deeper levels. That has been the high call of my life and the journey of this book. Everyone has a story and every story matters because every heart matters. I hope you find yourself and/or a loved one amongst the pages. I hope your heart is seen, affirmed, encouraged and celebrated.

Serenading Flowers

Available June 7th, 2017

Visit Jaz’s Author Page To Order Your Copy Today!



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