Featured Writer – Chris Black

In the university of words.


The writing emporium falls into disarray

When the writer steps outside its confines.

Speaking to each other in their own voice

Words discuss loudly –

Should we co-operate?

Though they should be aware of the consequences

No intelligible sound.

The writer steps back inside, bows his head

Declares in civil tones – I am here

Words prostrate themselves – submission.


©  Chris Black

IMG_20170409_133055 About the Author

Chris Black, published poet and short story writer, his recently published book titled Same Train, Different Track is available at Chirsblack2012.com

His work is also to be found on SoundCloud and Youtube.

He has work published in various anthologies, since retirement he has had lots of time to concentrate on his writing.

Residing now in Co. Wexford he spent most of his working life in Dublin.

Enjoys the relaxing feel of the country side and long walks along the vast expanses of beach which is within walking distance of his home.

Great for processing those thoughts which gather and are eager to find a home on parchment.

Interested in being a featured writer on our site? Visit our Featured Writer Submission Guidelines page to find out how you can become a featured writer.

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