My Poetica – Author Tamsen Grace

A paycheck is poetry

to someone who’s broke…

only eloquence can save you.

Words, words, words

selected on the page,

even assholes bare significance

if only by inference,

the thesaurus becomes my sage.


Love, love, love

Unrequited love

Undisputed love

Unpolluted love

Convoluted love

In all consuming thought.

Love one another

Love each other,

Love your cat

Love one’s self

Sometimes they mean it literally,

only here, is sex

in public places condoned.

Speak love,
love speaks

until we are drowning in it.


Use control people,

Speak only when spoken to

Children should be seen and not heard.

Can love sickness be cured?

Is there a correlation

between age and wisdom

For I don’t believe in

Prince charming

And I’m a little too old for superman.

Reality does exist…

a paycheck is poetry to someone who’s broke.


© Tamsen Grace


Excerpt from the book “Skeletons in My Closet”

tammy About the Author

Tamsen Grace is a published poet, inspirational speaker, martial artist, a Ford Model of Courage, and a cancer survivor. She has been published in Creative Talents Unleashed Poetic Melodies Anthology, Scarlet Leaf Review, Straylight Literary Magazine, Birdsong Publishing, Leaves of Ink, The Indiana Voice Journal, Puff Puff Prose, The Poetry Community, In Between Hangovers, Peeking Cat Magazine, Madness Muse Magazine, Spirit Fire Review, The Creative Truth, Anti-Heroin Chic and LTD Press. Tamsen Grace will be in the new anthology Dandelions in a Vase of Roses. She lives in the Midwest with her children. She enjoys reading, writing, biking and teaching children Martial Arts.

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