Writer Highlight Featuring: Lynsey Simpson


Inside she’s dying slowly, painfully. She’s desperately trying to grab hold of that little bit of life that sparks every now and again, but it’s too far out of reach. She smiles at the man in the grocery store. She lovingly smiles at her children, as a small twinkle in her eye escapes. She beams at her husband with a sadness he can’t see. She hides it so well that nobody will know until it’s too late. There are signs of her pain. They’re all around her.

Society is too absorbed by their own lives that they fail to see the needs of others.
Even the ones closest to her fail to see her suffering.

She sits with the bottle. Just one little pill might take this away. Just two little pills might take this away. A tear slides down her face as she continues the ritual. Her head feeling heavier. The pain slowly fading. Oblivion sucking her in.

Until it’s too late.

© Lynsey Simpson


Response to our Inspiration Call on June 9, 2017

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