Inspiration Call: Tell this story.


Inspiration Call: Write a Poem or Short Story that tells this story.

Share your written piece by dropping it in the comment section.
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  1. Short Story in Free Verse

    Title The Spirit of Light

    Oh what a strange plant,or is it? It is more like a flower
    No, like a large petal bouquet ’hm I wonder who put it here?
    The ball on top so cool and white,giving off light’ sort of…I wonder
    How long have I been asleep? A hundred years? Uh me?that was a story
    Of Rip Van Winkle Uncle used to tell and we used to beg him for more…
    But where am I and why is it so dark?
    And and I am not feeling afraid…it is definitely night time
    And I am in a dream …the dream… my dream..
    Oh Dear that is why I am so happy I am in a dream…
    I wanted to sail on a small round carpet and see the world
    Maybe fly up to the sky and say hello to the birds parrots and swallows
    Not to the crows, they seem nasty, they frighten me but its OK I guess
    This is my boat and this plant is my guide…
    I wonder if I touch it will it move and take me?

    There are no branches yet it seems full of care and love
    Blessings from above, I see, The Light, so bright
    the leaves large and so near me,only for me,
    I wonder what Ma would be doing,missing me, maybe not
    She must e trying to light the smoky wood, put on the dented pot
    when the fire lit, to boil water and make mixed tea; Pa would cough
    And swear and shout for a beedi…so smelly
    I am so peaceful here,but can I go on my dream journey?
    its not a dark empty growth, apparently it is a chance”
    the Light is beckoning…’Lets go, lets go…
    what lovely music I hear I may sing with it
    and sing freely but Oh wait …what? I can’t …I can’t
    move.. Oh someone is there anyone please help me…my smile
    it is fixed too …there I can see a boat with people…they smiled at me
    and waved, I tried to wave back but…no I can’t I in a trance?
    Is it ? no could it be…It was so loud and it was so hard…and I was so hot…

    There she is on that piece’ someone shouted…’we have found her’
    The youngest victim of the bomb attack…..
    The Light was a blessing
    The body stiff yet smiling
    The spirit had risen to heaven above


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