Spotlight Poet: Markus Fleischmann



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Us Poets

Are the Templars of
The written word
Descendants of
An ancient world
We are of a guild
Once forlorn
In time when words written
Were war torn
Yet even when our art
Was once forbidden
We crafted our rhymes
In candlelight hidden
Us Poets
In words find heed
We follow and uphold
A special Creed
To shed our rhymes
In honesty and modesty
We see life’s insecurity
Put paint it in purity
We capture our emotion
Let it flow on our pages
Like raging oceans
A gift it is that we hold
When we record in our verse
A history once told
A story shared
Of maidens fair
And lovers crossed
Starlit bridges
Even tales of wild
Beautiful witches
Us Poets
Are one of a kind
We are a brotherhood
Of a universal mind
With our scripted word
Reaching the four corners
Of this splendid world
So grab a book
Let your soul get hooked
Open it’s pages and take
A look
( Crow Cries)

©Markus Fleischmann


Featured Writer from “Creative Talents Unleashed Writers Group”

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