Featured Writer: Mahinour Tawfik



In a world of replicas, born an original

With the greatest gift ever bestowed

A unique mind of capabilities sempiternal

Not awaiting fate but create the destined road


Greatnesses were once deemed insanity

Till the resonance silenced roars of the crowd

Isn’t wisdom then but calamity?

After your gift is within the dark cowed


Deny the darkness foregoing forenoons

Sights are deceptive unlike the vision

Why just stroll not leave footprint of the moon

Greatness starts with a smile and decision


© Mahinour Tawfik


About the Author

Mahinour Tawfik, a 23 year old – Egyptian senior medical student

Her first anthology ” Dark Secrets” was released April 2016 in USA by KCL publishing company in South Carolina

She was one of the participants of the 9th international poetry festival in India September 2016

She was featured in the local Indian daily newspaper besides the former features in multiple anthologies and online literary Magazines {Creative Talents unleashed – Ripen the page – International forum of literature and culture of peace}

She received a certificate of appreciation from world poetry Canada , Vancouver

She currently working on the release of the second Anthology “Once Upon a Dream”


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